July 28th, 2015

Ever since the birth of the muscle car (1949 if you hold to the legacy of the Oldsmobile Rocket 88) people who love powerful automobiles have been turning out new creations and striving for great heights of perfection where it comes to putting four wheels on the road with the most oomph possible behind them.

Chris and Carrie Fesler are no exception to the rule. Driven by a love of custom cars, they began in the late 1990s, shooting and writing magazine articles as promotional pieces for manufacturers in the automotive industry. Eventually, they began to design these vehicles, working closely with companies to build, show and advertise custom cars and trucks designed to showcase a particular company’s products.


Carrie Fesler remarks that many believe the two inherited their business. Nothing could be further from the truth. What the Fesler’s did inherit was a lot of good advice and mentorship from the industry contacts they made along the way. The road from shooting magazine articles to turning out 1969 Camaros that command six-figure prices was a long one.

In 1996, the Feslers began producing complete editorial packages for magazines. Chris’ stunning photography and Carrie’s writing skills complimented each other, making for mouthwatering pieces about the vehicles featured therein. Other marketing services offered to help manufacturers reach out to publications grew to include actually designing and building the cars for the articles.

By 2000, the Fesler name had become a staple in the industry, with several projects produced for SEMA, the industry’s premier trade show, each year. Fesler built show cars for General Motors, Jeep, Kenwood, and Kicker, to name a few. However, building cars would quickly become Chris and Carrie’s passion.


In the mid-2000s, Fesler Built shifted from building demo cars for companies to building custom cars for individuals.  Now, Fesler Built builds turn-key muscle machines, the stuff octane-scented dreams are made of.

In 2009, after the recession took its toll on the economy, Chris and Carrie realized that their next response to the market would be in parts. Fesler Billet was launched to provide a quality line of products to DIY enthusiasts who were looking to build their own cars, rather than pay to have them built. Fesler Billet parts have achieved notoriety for their quality and design imagination.


Finally, in 2014, Fesler Detail was launched, a collaboration with a friend in the car detailing business to produce superior auto detailing products. Other offerings on the market weren’t giving Fesler Built cars the shine they used to, largely due to shipping production overseas, and Chris and Carrie saw the opportunity to fill a need in the market by producing superior detail products.


So, when they aren’t building a sweet Camaro, designing a new part to go on that Camaro, perfecting the wax to make that Camaro shine, or taking great pictures of it, the Feslers are constantly looking for new ways to serve the automotive industry.

And now you know the history of Fesler Built.