August 3rd, 2015

1. The look

There’s no beating the look of a well-designed ride. When we line up a photo shoot for a newly finished project, with the sunset glinting off the windows and wax that looks dripping wet, all is right with the world.

2. The sound
The sound of a well-tuned muscle car makes us shiver every time. The roar of a supercharged LS with the right exhaust makes every day of blood, sweat and tears well worth it.

3. The love
Handing someone the keys to a head-turning dream machine and watching them drive away in the perfect car is the ultimate satisfaction. People love their custom cars and we love creating that relationship between a client and the car they will treasure for years to come.

4. The endless possibilities
Whether a client wants to slam a hot rod to cruise around in or lift a truck sky-high to tackle the wilderness, we love taking the vehicle they give us and making their vision come to life.

5. The driving
Although we don’t exactly put miles on the cars in the shop, they do have to be moved around infrequently and the techs say they relish it. Just cranking up one of these monsters to move it into another bay or through the parking lot is exhilarating.

6. The end result
Even before seeing the look on the client’s face, it’s just amazing to look at the finished product and think about the huge difference our work has made on the vehicle.

7. The variety
Every day is entirely different when you spend your days building vastly different cars. No two days are ever quite alike because no two projects are ever quite the same.

8. The prestige
There’s no shame in admitting we love what we do and we love the attention it gets us. Building cool cars and car parts, seeing those parts all over the world, growing a fan base that loves pictures of our projects, it’s all part of the thrill!

9. The environment
No, it isn’t all a bed of roses but, when your job is building cool cars you generally don’t dread Monday as much as most people do. That sort of attitude makes for a pretty awesome work atmosphere.

10. The people
We meet and befriend some of the coolest people in the world building these cars. Some are clients who come back every few years, some become friends we see on a regular basis. Either way, the people are really the most important part.

Well, that and a good supercharger.