August 6th, 2015

This week at Fesler Built has been eventful, for sure. A couple of new projects got started, and not all of them are cars, either!

First up, the new exhaust ports on the 800hp+ Silverado are coming together, as evidenced here. (The exhaust ports are a one-off, not a production item.) The truck also got a new AccuAir system for its air bags.


Photo Aug 06, 10 59 05 AM

The CJ that came into the shop this week had its gas tank pulled. We’re working on getting the fuel gauge to read properly.

Photo Aug 06, 10 51 24 AM

The 1969 C-10 is getting more new interior every day, starting with the new air vent panel that goes with the new Vintage Air A/C system.


The Haas VF2 is back in working order and currently producing 1969 Camaro fender brace brackets!



The next big thing that started is mods to Chris Fesler’s 2015 F-150, being prepped to go to SEMA in November! It got a new grille and new bumpers.

Photo Aug 06, 10 51 33 AM

Photo Aug 06, 10 51 37 AM

And now, having been fitted, the bumpers are off to powdercoat. Look for more on this next week along with a HUGE surprise about SEMA2015!


Finally, Fesler got to post pics of Auto Runners Detailing founder Alex Bailey using Fesler All-Purpose Sports Gear Cleaner to clean Zivelo kiosks! This is a pretty exciting opportunity for Fesler and the new gear product. You’ll see more of this, for certain.

Photo Aug 05, 11 31 19 AM

So, that’s been the week in pictures at Fesler Built! Enjoy!