It’s been a short week at Fesler, what with Labor Day and all, but here are the updates from this week!

We wanted to show some “before” shots of the Pontiac GTO Fesler will be putting a new interior in. The current interior is nice enough, if a little dirty, but we can’t wait for you to see what we have planned!

Photo Sep 04, 4 18 00 PM

Photo Sep 04, 4 20 32 PM

Photo Sep 04, 4 16 55 PM

Photo Sep 04, 4 20 43 PM

Photo Sep 04, 4 17 14 PM

Photo Sep 04, 4 17 30 PM

The SEMA 2015 F-150 got some new pieces this week, with more to come soon! Below, check out how we classed up the stock brakes with caliper covers.

Photo Sep 09, 9 32 00 AM

The stock setup is pretty plain-Jane. It gets the job done, like a Ford truck should, but it’s not much to look at.

Photo Sep 09, 9 40 11 AM

First, we painted the caliper to blend in a little better with the overall theme of the truck. (Note: Slotted rotors are in the works as well, rumor has it.)

Photo Sep 09, 9 59 05 AM

After painting the hardware for the covers as well, they went on and added a nice touch to the brake system. Most of our builds have custom calipers with “Fesler” already on them but, for a build that needs to keep the stock calipers, this is a convenient option.

You can order caliper covers through Fesler with your own design, as well!

Then, the new wheels and tires went on!

Photo Sep 09, 11 45 14 AM

Photo Sep 10, 11 43 01 AM

And here is the overall appearance of the truck so far! Bushwacker fender flares go on next week and, soon, new headlights from Raptor Retrofit!

Photo Sep 10, 7 45 51 AM

From the team at Fesler Built, have a great week!