September 28th, 2015

So, you’ve got your car picked out and you know what you’ll use to make it go fast. That’s great! But, before you pick an exterior paint color and call it a day, let’s talk about the inside.

Interior of “Draco,” a Fesler 1969 Camaro.

Vehicle technology has advanced at a barely believable rate since the 1960s, and the creature comforts inside our cars are no exception. Where power windows and air conditioning once seemed like the height of technology and style, they now come standard in most applications, with much more involved features in the spotlight.

Again, the good news is you can have as much, or as little, as you like. Want to keep the stock stereo in place and hide the newer components under the dash? That’s not unheard of and actually somewhat common. Keeping the original vibe of the vehicle, when surveyed at first glance, while providing more modern accessories for the owner when on the road, has become a hallmark of the genre. Do you feel more like sinking a giant touch screen, with navigation, into the center console? That won’t look out-of-place at car shows, either. The beauty of Pro Touring is personalized customization – have your cake and eat it too.

Center console in a Fesler 1963 Buick Riviera.

The arrangement of features in any car is important, and becomes more so when changing them from factory specifications. Ensuring that there won’t be any dangerous hassles trying to reach important components of the vehicle is paramount. All switches, toggles, controls, etc. should be within easy reach, generally housed right on the console or dash. Another important point for safety is sound insulation. Having a hands-free, Bluetooth connection for your cell phone doesn’t help much if you can’t hear or be heard over the roar of that monster engine!

Gauges and controls in a Fesler 1969 “Yenko Clone” Camaro.

If you plan to tour the car, be sure to pick excellent seats. Try out different products personally – don’t just take someone else’s word for it. Ask for ergonomic options. Consider the pros and cons of leather vs. cloth in your climate. Premium carpets, like those used by German manufacturers are another way to make sure you will stay comfortable on the road. You can’t be too careful when choosing the products you and your feet will be sitting on for hours at a time and for years to come.

A fine example of the functionality of the Recaro seats in “Black Knight,” a Fesler 1969 Camaro.

Speaking of heating and air conditioning, there is basically no excuse to go without. Systems designed for specific models, as well as universal systems, are available to make sure that you can make your weekend ride as comfortable as your daily driver.

A Fesler Built tech installs a Vintage Air system in a 1969 C-10. Fesler Built also fabricated a custom vent panel for this vehicle and wrapped it in the same leather used for the seats, as pictured, just below the dash.

Finally, never assume your vehicle is too old or too rare to have customization products available for it. Chances are, someone, somewhere, makes factory replacements or completely aftermarket designs for your ride. Go out and find them or talk to a good shop who can find them for you! Try to visualize the feel you want for the car and stay uncompromising in your search to make that vision a reality. Do keep in mind, a top-quality interior can run anywhere from $5,000 – $20,000, so remember to include that in your fiscal planning!

Custom interior in a Fesler 1966 Mustang GT.

And remember, if you need advice or want help designing or building your Pro Touring car, Fesler Built is a full-service provider with everything needed to put you into a turn-key machine! Visit our website, or call us at (480) 748-2000 to talk about the right options for you!