It’s Thursday, again, and time to give you a peek at what’s been going on in the shop!

The new interior on the 1965 GTO is in full swing! Everything is out and the trunk is almost done, as well!


The new carpet is in the trunk, which makes it an ideal place to stash components from the cabin, of course!

And here’s a gratuitous shot of that beautiful engine this car has.

Who doesn’t love a shiny 6.5 liter V8?

The new floor is in the 1955 Bel Air, and the rear wheel wells have been widened out to meet the quarter panels.


The addition to the wheel well, pictured before install.
Wheel well extension installed on the vehicle.

The 1967 Mustang is getting body work to the scoops and vents.



The 1964 Cadillac, with interior now complete, is getting new coils in the rear.

Those coils are huge!

Finally, Fesler Billet has been hard at work, producing more great parts. We’ll finish up with a few shots of those.

“Dog Bone” for a Fesler hood hinge, done with second op and ready to come off the machine!
Looking down the long, long profile of a Fesler 1967 Camaro tail light.
Fesler 1969 Camaro door jamb vents.

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