We just finished a big batch of door and kick panels for classic C-10s! Get them while they’re hot! For a limited time, they’re 15% off! Call today!

C-10 Door and Kick Panels

Nothing says “custom” quite like Fesler Built door and kick panels for a classic, 67-72 Chevrolet C-10. Bringing a sleek elegance to the interior of a great vehicle, Fesler panels complement other design features in a way the stock parts never quite could. Sloping lines draw the eye along the panels and house the hardware and speakers in a sophisticated fashion.

Made from light-weight, durable polystyrene, Fesler panels are strong enough to measure up to the high standards of a classic GM vehicle. The panels are direct replacements for the stock parts and will fit most applications, with the exception of stock air vents. The panels are shipped in a bleached white, ready for the customer’s upholstery of choice.

Check them out at our sales website – HERE

The look great in beauties like these…



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