This week at Fesler Built has see some significant progress to one build, in particular. Read on to find out!

The 1967 Mustang is getting its scoops added to the sides via custom metalwork. Each one has been crafted and melded into the structure of the vehicle for a quality fit.

The holes in the body were filled in before the lower, ornamental scoops were added.

The scoops themselves were shaped out of sheet metal, by hand, and welded onto the vehicle.
After the welds were completed, the surface was ground smooth to make the scoops appear, literally, part of the body of the car.
The upper, window scoops will be functional with controls on the inside to regulate air flow to the rear seat.

The 1955 Bel Air got its supercharged LS9 engine this week, as well as modifications to the floor to allow for the larger transmission (GM 6L90E auto) mated with the engine.



The radiator mount will have to be modified to accommodate the sheer size of the LS9.
Likewise, the floor had to be altered, as well as the transmission bracket in the frame, to allow for the larger 6L90E transmission.

Fesler Billet is pumping out more parts all the time. We took a few shots of parts produced over the last week, for your enjoyment.

Fesler Billet hood hinge “dog bones.”
Three stages of assembly for Fesler Billet first generation Camaro driving lights.
Fesler Second Generation Camaro fender braces.
Fesler Billet second generation Camaro hood hinges – partially exploded view.

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