October 12, 2015

  1. The original Trans Am T-tops, in 1976, were made by Hurst. However, since they leaked, quality control necessitated GM making their own in 1978.
  2. The 1970 Chevelle LS6 was the first time Chevrolet allowed another car to officially offer more horsepower than the Corvette. It unofficially registered, some say, as much as 500hp.

    A Fesler built 1970 Chevelle ZL1.
  3. Some of the most rugged and durable muscle cars ever built came from Australia, where the emphasis leaned more towards endurance. Names like Holden (GM) and FPV (Ford Performance Vehicles) may not ring a bell with modern Americans but the cars were said to be excellent.
  4. The wing on the Dodge Daytona didn’t need to be that tall. According to NASCAR rules the trunk had to be able to open, hence the height.
  5. The 1963 Impala had a performance package labeled “Z11” but there was also a 427 MKII engine produced, in a very limited quantity, that rendered one of the Impalas raced in NASCAR that year (by Robert Glenn Johnson Jr.) one of the top cars and earned the nickname “Mystery Motor.”
  6. What some call the “first muscle car,” the Oldsmobile 1949 Rocket 88, produced only 135hp. The next contender for the title, the Chrysler C-300, in 1955, produced its namesake 300 horsepower using an early hemi.
  7. The first Dodge Viper was actually white and lacked a roll bar. (It looked a lot like a Miata, if you ask us.)
  8. “Camaro” is a French word meaning “Comrade, pal or chum.”

    Fesler Built matching 2010 and 1969 Camaros.
  9. The cast of the hit TV show “The Monkees” were, by contract, each given a Pontiac GTO for personal use. Mike Nesmith, one of the cast, achieved some notoriety when he was stopped on the Hollywood Freeway doing 125 mph in his. His passenger? Jimi Hendrix.
  10. In 1966, Oldsmobile built the “Hurst Hairy Olds” (originally a 442) designed as an exhibition drag car. Notably, it had no radiators. Rather, the frame rails were sealed and 6.5 gallons of coolant was run through them.

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