It’s been another busy week at Fesler Built, with a lot going on! Let’s dive right in!

The 1967 Mustang saw huge changes this week, with more completed body work and the introduction of the engine and transmission!

The custom corners, previously fiberglass, have been remade from hand-built steel in order to give the same visual effect while stepping up the quality of the build.

Likewise, the bumper and license plate holder have been reworked to add quality and substance to the design.
Here it is, finally on the ground! The entire body was modified to fit a custom frame from Roadster Shop and now the vehicle will be much stronger, overall.
The engine for this build is a Ford 5.0 V8 and will be supercharged.
This, unfortunately, was a not a quick or simple process! Pro tip: Put the engine in and then mount the transmission from the bottom side. (Doh!)
Eventually, of course, the whole thing went in. It did take five guys, a forklift and a good 45 minutes but it happened!
The transmission for this build is a sweet, six-speed manual from Tremec!
All in all, it’s coming together quite nicely!

The 1955 Bel Air is seeing progress, mostly to the firewall, which had to be pretty much completely reworked to allow for the giant transmission behind its LS9!

Make the transmission hump larger, you say? Okay, coming right up!
Our shop manager, Chris, showing off his smarts with this contrivance to hold a piece of steel in place with a flexible magnet during the welding process.
One custom firewall. Order up!

The seats for the 1965 GTO are complete! Check out this custom leather work from our in-house trimmer. He’s a real, old-school pro!

This new design is a bit…”huggier” than the stock seats.
Rear bench to match.
All done!

The next interior project is already begun, with a completely new interior going in this 1956 Cadillac. Here’s the “before.” You won’t believe what we have planned for the “after!”

Beautiful, right? We think so.
The door panels will be recovered as part of the process.
That old, grey interior may be remarkable for its condition, despite its age, but you’ll trip when you see what we replace it with!
Take a good look so you believe your eyes later!

And that’s pretty much been the week here at the shop! Be sure to follow our social media for updates until the next post!

Also, congratulations to Anthony Margaritondo, the winner of the RoadToSEMA2015 contest! He’ll be joining us in Las Vegas next month!


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