October 20th, 2015

When it comes time to pick an exterior look for your Pro Touring car, the options are just as limitless as they were for the interior. Remember, the point of the car is to make it what you want it to be.

Black is a timeless option!

Some opt for a throwback color scheme embracing what appears to have been an equal mixture of drab, flat tones and loud, vibrant hues. Some builders comment that a bright yellow can look too much like a blast from the past as can an olive or maroon. Whatever your feelings on the subject, paint in the 1970s was clearly as much about personal choice then as it is today.

Fesler 1969 “Yenko Clone” Camaro

Others aim for a more modern look, leaving the curves and lines of the vehicle to add the proper amount of nostalgia to the mix. And speaking of today, the trends now include some things you might never have seen back when. Matte colors and contrasts between paint styles are common. For example, a matte black with glossy stripes is a common enough occurrence.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that techniques have changed as well. If you enjoy a deep, wet, waxy look then you’ll be glad to hear that the materials and techniques for producing and maintaining that classic sheen have only improved over time. But, if you’re saving your big bucks for that engine, there are other ways to get a unique look without breaking the bank.

Vinyl wraps and plasti dip aren’t just for service vans and tuners any more. Especially when creating a retro look or a color choice that might not sit well with future prospective buyers, a less expensive, less permanent route might offer some surprising alternatives to spending a lot of time and money on an expensive paint job. Again, this isn’t for “wax heads” and car show frequenters but, if you intend to drive the car and worry less about the paint than about what’s to be seen along the way, a wrap might be a good idea. Even classic muscle cars are starting to get the faux-paint treatment, when it suits the owner’s whimsy.

While it’s not a pro touring car, this Fesler BMW does demonstrate the power of vinyl to make a statement.

For that more traditional feel, it’s important to select a paint shop carefully. The process of painting a classic is lengthy and not for the faint of heart. Be sure to do your due diligence, talk to people you know and trust, ask local shops who they use, make sure you know who is going to be handling your vehicle as well as what they will be using on it. You should, ideally, be paying quite a bit of money for this paint job, so don’t sell yourself short.

Whether you paint or wrap, color schemes and accents like striping are going to continue to be a big decision. Laying in a mean set of racing stripes can give a muscle car that fierce look that turns heads and commands attention. Side stripes are useful to give a retro look (like a Yenko) or nicely divide up a two-tone color scheme. Go for a classic look or try something new and bold, whichever you feel will bring the attention you want when you are showing off your ride.

New or old, don’t be afraid to go for the look that will really make you happy!

In the end, the takeaway point is that you can do pretty much whatever you want. The important thing is to focus on the desired look and effect, keeping your personal desires and requirements in mind. Go crazy!

And remember, if you need advice or want help designing or building your Pro Touring car, Fesler Built is a full-service provider, with everything needed to put you in a turn-key machine! Visit our website, http://www.feslerbuilt.com or call us at (480) 748-2000 to talk about the right options for you!

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