Now that SEMA is over, things have been getting back into a steady routine this week. Here’s what’s been going on in the shop.

The interior on the 1956 Cadillac is finished. Check out the sweet leather!





We managed to squeeze a radiator in front of that monster LS9 in the 1955 Bel Air.


The 1967 Mustang got some more detailed metal work on the rear end.


A Fesler Built 1969 GTO came in for some maintenance and Fesler Billet hood hinges.


Here’s a gratuitous shot of the excellent Fesler Interior in this car.
The hinges used are Fesler Billet H-1510, designed primarily for the 1968 Chevelle.

Meanwhile, the 1965 GTO is getting a custom, Fesler Built center console. The current design was modified, slightly and the console is being wrapped in premium leather.

Photo Nov 10, 11 31 18 AM

Photo Nov 11, 10 54 45 AM

Photo Nov 11, 12 55 35 PM

Photo Nov 12, 10 43 27 AM

And that’s been the week at Fesler Built. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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