Another week has gone by in the Fesler Built shop and the projects are cruising right along. Here’s a peek at what we’ve been up to.

The 1969 GTO came in for some maintenance on the transmission as well as Fesler Billet hood hinges. It finished up with some adjustments to the coil-overs and is good to go.



After some tinkering, the radiator and trans cooler in the 1955 Bel Air are set.
The 1975 Porsche got some custom metalwork on the roll cage, tying it to the body.


The 1956 Cadillac is back for a new starter solenoid.
Sean busy fabricating a new Fesler Built center console.

A customer brought us a stock seat and asked for some significant changes to it in order to increase the ride style and comfort. Our in-house trimmer tore it down and rebuilt it to suit their needs. Check out the steps he took.

Stock configuration.
The curved strips act as a spring, making the foam above them springy while not allowing the seat to collapse entirely.
Then several layers are added to increase ride height and comfort.
The sides and front are extended to meet specification.
Finally, the side bolsters are reduced and softened to perfect the overall feel.

The seat is still in completion stage, so be sure to watch our social media for the final pictures!


The largest progress this week may very well have been on the orange convertible 1969 Camaro. Putting the interior back together, running wiring and installing Fesler Billet trunk hinges, along with tail lights and some other pieces, will bring the car up to the level that the customer wants before finishing it himself.





And that’s been the week at Fesler Built. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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