Are Cyber Monday sales really a good deal? Is this the best time to buy parts for your muscle car restoration or pro touring project?

Well, in short, YES!

Any time you can get great parts for less money is amazing, right? Of course, right! And now is the time to beg the wife, the husband, your parents, the dog, etc. for spare change to buy parts with! On the bright side, you won’t need nearly as much! 50% off select items from Fesler Built means you can get a whole lot more stuff today!

Cyber Monday Ad CC.jpg

Of course these deals aren’t “a crock of shit” – we don’t even make a billet crock! (Although, we totally should, right?)

Cyber Monday Ad - Door Panels.jpg

Did you know, statistics show that people who have new car parts are significantly happier than people who just WANT new car parts? Believe us, we’ve been there.


Right now, you can get 1969 Camaro door panels, normally over $1,100 for just $839! Hell, you don’t even need to own a Camaro to appreciate this deal!

Cyber Monday Ad Camaro Door Panels.jpg

And if you love Optima batteries you’re absolutely going to love a $149 mount for only $126.65! Buy yourself a mount and a steak dinner with your savings – consider it our treat!

Cyber Monday Ad Battery Mounts.jpg

And we don’t know who this guy is, but we think he approves of us, so that’s good, right?


If this hasn’t convinced you then you must not really want new parts for your classic muscle car. (In which case, why did you read it all?) Otherwise, head to and check out all the deals! Be sure to get there before the sale ends at 9 p.m.!

Here’s a full list of what is on sale along with their discounts.



Armrests 15%
Battery Mounts 15%
Center Console (steel) 40%
Door Jamb Vents (4 styles) 15%
Door Lock Knobs 50%
Door Panels 30%
Driving Lights (halogen) 10%
Driving Lights (LED) 10%
Driving Lights (offroad) 15%
Engine Mounts 30%
Fender Braces (big block) 10%
Fender Braces (small block) 10%
Headlight Doors 20%
Hood Hinges (2 styles) 20%
Hood Latch Assemblies 10%
Kick Panels 20%
Marker Lights 20%
Seating (Corbeau) 10%
Taillights 40%
Trunk Hinges 10%