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December 2015

First-gen Camaro flush-mount glass available now!

Hey, you! With the Camaro. Yeah, you!

Check this out!


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Literally your last chance to buy Fesler Built/Billet Parts

(in 2015, that is)


If you ever wanted a decent set of hood hinges for your classic muscle car, then you probably just left the stock ones there but if you ever wanted a really great set of hood hinges then we’re guessing you sat and ogled a set of Fesler Billet hood hinges – pretty much the best thing since whatever came before sliced bread.


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They know how to get down at Calder Park Raceway


Check out these excellent shots of racers having an enviable day at the strip. Makes you wish for a race car, doesn’t it?


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Inside Fesler: 1955 Bel Air Project Update

If you aren’t already familiar with this project, Fesler Built is building a pro touring 1955 Bel Air LS9 for a long-time customer. Here’s a quick before-after to bring you up to speed.


In this week’s photo blog, we’ll show you some of the recent progress on the build and talk about what’s happened.

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Here’s some Porsche porn to keep you jolly.

Porsche recently decided we all needed to drool over them a little more so they went to Laguna Seca and filmed this video of one lap from the driver’s seat of 20 of their coolest models from the last 60 some-odd years.

It basically amounts to porn for anyone who loves race cars. Check it out.

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Are you buying shitty parts for your Camaro? Stop!

If you’re building a 1967-1969 Camaro and you haven’t fully considered the assortment of parts from Fesler Built and Fesler Billet then you basically aren’t building a 1967-1969 Camaro…not one worth talking about, anyway.

File Dec 01, 10 09 55 AM.jpeg
Just for reference, this is what we mean when we say “worth talking about.”

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The five weirdest cars you can’t afford

They cost a fortune, look absolutely mad and are completely impractical, but homologation specials are arguably the coolest creations to ever hit the streets. Here are five of the best, as chosen by you


SEMA 2015: Interview with the RoadToSEMA winner

With SEMA over for the year, we wanted to get an outside impression of how the show went so we corresponded with Anthony Margaritondo, the winner of our “RoadToSEMA” contest, about his time at the show and his impression of it.

Anthony won the contest that ended in October and Fesler Built flew him to Vegas and put him up in the Circus Circus Hotel and Casino. He expressed that getting a chance to see SEMA again (he had been with his employer once, some years ago) was an extraordinary experience, one he was thankful for.

Anthony was also kind enough to share some of his photos from the show, for your viewing pleasure. Thanks, Anthony!

Q: What was your overall impression of the show, this year?

A: The show has gotten huge.  There are so many people and products there.  I couldn’t believe the crowds.  The quality of the cars being displayed is amazing.


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Pro Touring didn’t start the way you think it did!

We once saw a post on a message board that asked what was the first true pro-touring car. The responses ranged across the board from relatively recent builds to ones that had been built decades prior, and of course quickly devolved into argument. The problem is the slippery slope of how to define what a pro-touring, g-machine (or whatever you want to call them), car is.

Kinda looks like the great-grandaddy of the Caterham 7 next to it, doesn’t it?

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