For this week’s photo blog, let’s look at the progress on the 1967 Mustang in the shop right now. This week, we’ve seen some huge changes to the body of the car, on the inside! Here’s what’s happened.

First, 16-gauge steel panels were cut and shaped, using our Baileigh magnetic brake, to fit inside the Roadster Shop frame and around the Tremec six-speed transmission.

Photo Dec 01, 1 53 24 PM.jpg

Photo Dec 01, 3 09 14 PM.jpg

Photo Dec 02, 10 16 17 AM.jpg

Photo Dec 03, 9 01 46 AM.jpg

Photo Dec 04, 3 20 27 PM.jpg

Then the panels were taken out and the frame got a coat of weld-through primer on top to protect it from rust since we won’t be able to undercoat it once the floor is in place.

Photo Dec 07, 10 44 38 AM.jpg

Then the floor panels were bead rolled – the metal stretched with a bead roller to add extra strength.

Photo Dec 08, 1 48 51 PM.jpg

Bead Rolling Animated 50fps 2.gif

(Images may be less exciting than they appear.)

Using the old mechanical bead roller is a two-man job, but Chris and Sean got it just right! They layed in a simple design meant to strengthen the panels without getting crazy.

Then the panels were all MIG welded back into the Mustang with one of our Miller welders, one piece at a time.





And that’s the progress on the 1967 Mustang! Hope you enjoyed it! Look for our post on Monday – an interview with the winner of our RoadToSEMA contest winner about his time at SEMA in November!

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