With SEMA over for the year, we wanted to get an outside impression of how the show went so we corresponded with Anthony Margaritondo, the winner of our “RoadToSEMA” contest, about his time at the show and his impression of it.

Anthony won the contest that ended in October and Fesler Built flew him to Vegas and put him up in the Circus Circus Hotel and Casino. He expressed that getting a chance to see SEMA again (he had been with his employer once, some years ago) was an extraordinary experience, one he was thankful for.

Anthony was also kind enough to share some of his photos from the show, for your viewing pleasure. Thanks, Anthony!

Q: What was your overall impression of the show, this year?

A: The show has gotten huge.  There are so many people and products there.  I couldn’t believe the crowds.  The quality of the cars being displayed is amazing.


Q: What did you see that really stood out in your mind?

A: There were several LT1/LT4 engines in older cars and LSX engines were in a lot of cars as well.  It will be interesting to see if the new Gen 5 architecture engine becomes as popular as Gen 3/4 engines.  They have become the new 350 SBC.  As for cars, there were so many great examples but the 2nd gen Camaro in the Holley booth was amazing.


Q: Can you tell us about a booth that people should pay attention to next year, based on what you saw there this year?

A: It’s hard to pick out a single booth.  Holley had a nice booth with both new and old school products.  They look to be very committed to fuel injection and the modern engine architectures.


Q: Anything else to add?

A: The show is amazing to go to and a good time.  The automotive celebrities are everywhere.  You just don’t see them in booths signing autographs, you can run into them on the floor at any time as they are just as interested in seeing the cars and products as everyone else is.  The atmosphere at the event is great.


Thanks to Anthony for his insight into the show. Here are more of his pictures!










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