If you aren’t already familiar with this project, Fesler Built is building a pro touring 1955 Bel Air LS9 for a long-time customer. Here’s a quick before-after to bring you up to speed.


In this week’s photo blog, we’ll show you some of the recent progress on the build and talk about what’s happened.

Recently work has been done to the rear of the vehicle, fitting the tail lights and metalwork on the trunk area.


As you may remember if you were following along, the rear quarter panels were removed and replaced with reproductions from Danchuk, so the tail light housing is split in the center. The area needed some work to be ready for tail lights again.



Here it is with the old light in for test-fitting.


The area behind the rear seat is getting original panels replaced.


The package tray got some metalwork to fill in gaps.



Photo Dec 23, 11 45 54 AM.jpg

Most recently, the trunk is undergoing metalwork to finish the bottom surface. As always, our Miller Welders help us get the job done!


Note the Fesler Billet aluminum trunk hinges! These are a new fitment we just recently completed. They will be on the market soon.


What do you think of the build? Are there parts of it you would like to see in particular? Let us know in the comments and be sure to share this post to Facebook with the link below!