Black. It’s the darkest of colors, a lumen-soaking sponge, absorbing all light directed upon it. History tells us it’s the color of mourning and since the beginning of time has been associated with all things malicious and evil. Darth Vader wore black for that reason, as do all the bad guys in every Western ever made. It signifies the end, death, and represents the great unknown that lies ahead.


It also was one of the first colors used in artistic expression. Royalty wore black in many civilizations. Dignitaries, businessmen, and statesmen adopted the color for their outerwear. No one can deny the impact that the hue has on one’s senses. Black can leave you amazed in both its pure serenity or conversely in its power to radiate an aggressive attitude and a malevolent nature…read more via 3 Most Collectible 1969 Chevrolet Camaros on the Planet: Z/28, L78 & COPO.