Anyone who builds anything has been told, at some point, that they are a poser and didn’t build something that they did, in fact, build. Haters are a part of the job description that is being awesome. To borrow a tired cliché, “It comes with the territory.”

Recently, someone commented on one of our Instagram posts about one of our vehicles (a 1970 Chevelle SS) not being a “true SS.”

They took the comment down, of their own accord, moments later, but it gave us a laugh, in the meantime. We thought, “Just for fun, let’s examine that claim.”


Now, it is true, the car in question (pictured above) is of entirely unknown origin to us. It was already modified when the customer brought it to us. We have no idea what it rolled out of the factory as. (Granted, we might have known at the time and probably could have found out but it’s been years, at this point, and no one remembers.) What we do know for certain is that, had there been any SS trim on it…it still would have all gone out the door in favor of the customized interior and exterior we built-to-order for it.

As for the really important part, the engine, we put in a crate LS7 – an upgrade from the 454 it would have had as a stock SS. In the spirit of all things “super sport,” does upgrading a car’s power make it less “SS” or more?


Clearly, our answer is, “More.”

It is also true that the car certainly doesn’t sport an SS badge on the front. Well, the truth is, when someone hands you a couple hundred thousand dollars to build them a car, you generally put whatever they want on the front. Like most other Fesler productions, the vehicle was built to exact specifications from a customer.

So, why call it an SS if we can’t prove, absolutely, that it is? Well, to put it simply, being a purist is boring. Punching down on an LS7, on the other hand, is extremely satisfying. We’ll vouch for that.

By the way, how’s the touch-screen navigation in your mint-condition SS? Oh, right…there might be an atlas in the trunk, though!

It’s also important to keep in mind that when choosing a classic muscle car to invest a lot of money in, one would do well to think hard about the life that vehicle might have had previously. Would you really prefer to build a 1969 Z/28 Camaro, proud of its heritage and authenticity, over a car that started life with a six-cylinder engine and less of a chance that it was hot-rodded?

You know, considering that you’re going to ditch the stock internals for new ones anyway…

The whole point being, who cares? Purists will hate but, at the end of the day, your car is whatever you make of it. And we made this one badass, SS or no.

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