(Written by SteveLehto)

I often tell people that they need to get used cars inspected before they buy, since so many used cars are sold without warranties. However, many people don’t realize this advice extends to classic car purchases as well.

Let’s say you’ve got a couple grand in your pocket and decide to buy the muscle car of your dreams. You know: The one you could have bought for a fraction of that when you were 16, if only you’d had that kind of money back then.

You look around and find a “numbers matching” example. A rare early Corvette? A Hemi Mopar? One of the rarer early Mustangs? Pick one—they can all get you ripped off.

I’ve written before about a client who bought a “numbers matching” Z-28 only to find out it was a good fake. I’ve seen it happen with a Ruf Porsche as well. And I get emails and phone calls from others who have had this happen with all manner of high-performance and collector cars.

For some odd reason, many buyers throw caution to the wind when they are shopping for that dream car from their youth. Even though…READ MORE HERE: Classic Cars Need Inspection Too.

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