In 1986, Pilkington, a company known world-wide for its excellent automotive glass, purchased a company called LOF. (Libby-Owens-Ford)


What does that have to do with the price of tea in China? Well, as it happens, it’s the catalyst to providing you with flush-mount glass for your classic muscle car.

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You know, this kind. The cool kind. But with flush-mount glass.

LOF owned the rights to the designs for the glass that came in Camaros, Mustangs, Chevelles, etc. from the factory. When Pilkington bought LOF it also bought those rights. They’ve made a reputation with their D.O.T.-approved, Skin Cancer Foundation-endorsed glass produced in some 35 plants around the world.

That’s why, when Fesler decided to give the first generation Camaro flush-mount glass a shot, the decision was made to work with the company that actually owns the rights to the original product.

That would be these guys. This is their logo. They own it. We assume they own the LOF logo up there, too. Pretty cool, right?

And it doesn’t hurt that Pilkington happens to pretty much run the glass game, no?

Now, the flush-mount glass you can buy from Fesler right now for your 1967-1969 Camaro is made in North America, using the tried-and-true float method, and is ready to ship or pick up from a Pilkington location immediately!

Seriously, they make a lot of glass.

In other words, there is pretty much no reason, whatsoever, that you should want flush-mount glass for your first-gen Camaro and not have it.

No reason. At all. Got it?

That’s not even the best part! Second-gen Camaros are next, followed by Chevelles, then C-10s and so on. Fesler intends to make flush-mount glass for every model in demand. Ask and you shall receive!

Well, go ahead and check it out here!

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