Design and Fabrication of an Empire

An ever-growing juggernaut in the custom automotive world, Fesler Built came from humble beginnings. At its core, the company is made up of two dynamic, dedicated and extremely hard-working individuals—Chris and Carrie Fesler. Partners in both life and business the couple is inseparable and each is an equal piece of a machine greater than the sum of its parts—their ever-growing success is proof of this.

Both Chris and Carrie have been go-getters from the start, never afraid to tackle any challenge. It began in 1996 when the duo began producing complete editorial packages for niche automotive magazines. From there the business grew to offer various marketing tools to the many automotive parts manufacturers they had created solid working relationships with. Basically when Chris and Carrie saw a need in the industry, they would fill it.

By 2000 the Feslers had become the go-to team known to many in the automotive aftermarket as being able to bridge the gap between the manufacturers and specialty automotive publications. They did everything from writing and photography to building complete demo vehicles to generating comprehensive marketing campaigns for companies ranging from Audiobahn to General Motors. Building as many as twelve unique show vehicles for display at SEMA became an annual event along with their regular editorial and marketing workload.

Hard work, dedication, and keen minds for business, along with extremely professional attitudes, earned Chris and Carrie the success they desired, and yet they wanted even more.

At its core, the Fesler mission statement is, “Find the need in a given market, and cater to that need in the most efficient, and highest quality, manner possible.” It is this ideal that Chris and Carrie have utilized to create Fesler Built. With their experience in various facets of the automotive aftermarket, and building all levels of show vehicles, Chris and Carrie both came to the realization that the industry was in need of an affordable, professional, dedicated and distinctive shop–an automotive haven for serious enthusiasts who demand nothing less than the best. The Feslers had delivered this level of quality in their other business endeavors and were confident they had what it took to become one of the world’s premier hot rod and custom car builders. And that is exactly what they have done, drawing in discriminating hot rod enthusiasts from all over the world and providing them with the best quality work in the industry. Experiencing exponential growth throughout the next nine years, the Feslers can look back and realize that they have done exactly what they set out to do, yet again, carving their own path to success.

Today Fesler Built has moved to a shop double the size of the first, out of necessity, and the team continues to build some of the finest automobiles ever seen. But they haven’t stopped there. Finding yet another void and filling it, Fesler Built now also manufactures custom-designed billet parts for early hot rods under the Fesler Billet moniker.

And, even though running two successful, high demand companies (among other business ventures) and managing a team of 16 employees seems like enough work to satisfy an average person, Chris and Carrie still remember where they came from and continue to squeeze in some editorial and marketing jobs when they can. They truly are the hardest working couple in the go-business.

Chris and Carrie make no compromises or apologies—they simply build the best quality hot rods and parts available today. It is this level of determination and dedication, and most importantly their team work, that has earned them the opportunity to take part in the customization of what is certain to be the continuation of legendary muscle cars.

It seems at this point there is no stopping the Feslers. Any one of the companies that they have built from the ground up is no small feat, in and of itself. And, based on their track record, the empire as a whole will, no-doubt, continue to grow exponentially. The only real questions is, “What will Chris and Carrie Fesler do next?”