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Fesler Car Care Hacks – #4: Fan Belt Fix

If you ever find yourself stranded an in need of a replacement for your fan belt, don’t forget to look for common items that will do in a pinch!

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Fesler Car Care Hacks – #3: Use Dryer sheets to make your car smell good

October 2nd, 2015

Tired of spending money on expensive air fresheners for your car? The answer has been sitting in your laundry room all along!

FCCH Dryer Sheets

Fesler Car Care Hacks – #2: Use half a pool noodle to protect car doors from garage walls

September 29th, 2015

If you park your vehicle in a garage regularly then you know the disappointment of smacking your car door against the wall and damaging either, or both. Here’s a simple fix for that!

FCCH Wall Noodle

Fesler Car Care Hacks – #1: Use a broom to deal with snow

Fesler is starting a new series on the Fesler Built Blog, aimed at our Pinterest audience. What we will be sharing are tips and tricks (or “hacks”) to make your life a little easier, with respect to your vehicle.

Be sure to check back for more great tips!

Meanwhile, as GoT’s Starks are fond of saying, “Winter is coming!” For our fans in places that get snow, this handy trick can keep your windows clear while reducing your hassle!

FCCH Snow Broom

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