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Guide to the Barrett-Jackson auctions for bidders, buyers and visitors (Via

(Written by Jeff Ostroff)

We just returned from Barrett-Jackson’s Palm Beach auction. They gave us one action packed weekend with plenty of excitement to go around.

This was their twelfth auto auction in Palm Beach, and set a record there for $25 million in sales of 509 vehicles.


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Fesler’s Coverage of Barrett Jackson – Scottsdale 2016

It was a crazy week in Scottsdale for Barrett Jackson’s finest show. Luckily, the weather was excellent. Cars and people converged on WestWorld for a solid week of shopping, bidding and ogling some of the world’s nicest four-wheeled machines.

Photo Jan 27, 3 03 23 PM (2).jpg
The 2016 Acura NSX was a sight to behold, selling for $1.2M

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Buying vs. Building: The Pros and Cons of both worlds

You want a car. Not just any car, you want the car. What you may be less clear on is which car will be the one. It’s a little like deciding whether to purchase a home or build your dream home. Purchasing a home has many advantages; you can move in quickly, the difficult decisions have been made already, and your home has an established value. Building a new home has very different advantages; you have time to plan your move, you have the ability to customize your home to your specifications, and your home may be valued at more than it cost to build.


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“That’s not a real SS!”

Anyone who builds anything has been told, at some point, that they are a poser and didn’t build something that they did, in fact, build. Haters are a part of the job description that is being awesome. To borrow a tired cliché, “It comes with the territory.”

Recently, someone commented on one of our Instagram posts about one of our vehicles (a 1970 Chevelle SS) not being a “true SS.”

They took the comment down, of their own accord, moments later, but it gave us a laugh, in the meantime. We thought, “Just for fun, let’s examine that claim.”


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Question Of The Day: What’s your car for the Year of Your Birth Rally? (Via AutoBlog)


A few years ago, 24 Hours of LeMons organizer and automotive journalist Nick Pon, after participating in the California Melee, came up with the idea of a rally in which each participant must drive a vehicle that was Continue reading “Question Of The Day: What’s your car for the Year of Your Birth Rally? (Via AutoBlog)”

Is “Built Not Bought” Ruining The Hobby? (Via Lateral-G)


“Built Not Bought” is a slogan that seems to float around a lot in the car industry. This saying is a token of hard work, dedication and knowledge. It’s saying that your car is better than the guy who just came in and bought his car. You went over every nut and bolt, fine tuned the motor, picked out the color of the wheels, and he wrote a boring check for somebody else’s work. But I’m here to tell you that “Built Not Bought” is total bullshit.

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The top three most collectible 1969 Chevrolet Camaros on the planet

Black. It’s the darkest of colors, a lumen-soaking sponge, absorbing all light directed upon it. History tells us it’s the color of mourning and since the beginning of time has been associated with all things malicious and evil. Darth Vader wore black for that reason, as do all the bad guys in every Western ever made. It signifies the end, death, and represents the great unknown that lies ahead.


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They know how to get down at Calder Park Raceway


Check out these excellent shots of racers having an enviable day at the strip. Makes you wish for a race car, doesn’t it?


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Here’s some Porsche porn to keep you jolly.

Porsche recently decided we all needed to drool over them a little more so they went to Laguna Seca and filmed this video of one lap from the driver’s seat of 20 of their coolest models from the last 60 some-odd years.

It basically amounts to porn for anyone who loves race cars. Check it out.

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