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Inside Fesler: 1955 Bel Air Project Update

If you aren’t already familiar with this project, Fesler Built is building a pro touring 1955 Bel Air LS9 for a long-time customer. Here’s a quick before-after to bring you up to speed.


In this week’s photo blog, we’ll show you some of the recent progress on the build and talk about what’s happened.

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Inside Fesler: 1967 Mustang Floor

For this week’s photo blog, let’s look at the progress on the 1967 Mustang in the shop right now. This week, we’ve seen some huge changes to the body of the car, on the inside! Here’s what’s happened.

First, 16-gauge steel panels were cut and shaped, using our Baileigh magnetic brake, to fit inside the Roadster Shop frame and around the Tremec six-speed transmission.

Photo Dec 01, 1 53 24 PM.jpg

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November 19th Photo Blog

Another week has gone by in the Fesler Built shop and the projects are cruising right along. Here’s a peek at what we’ve been up to.

The 1969 GTO came in for some maintenance on the transmission as well as Fesler Billet hood hinges. It finished up with some adjustments to the coil-overs and is good to go.


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November 12th Photo Blog

Now that SEMA is over, things have been getting back into a steady routine this week. Here’s what’s been going on in the shop.

The interior on the 1956 Cadillac is finished. Check out the sweet leather!

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SEMA Recap!

November 9th, 2015

SEMA was a very productive week for us, as we displayed products to the industry and spent some time with some great celebrities! Thanks to Skrape and the guys at Black Widow Exhaust, the booth was crawling with celebrities and onlookers throughout the show!

Check out some of our favorite moments from Las Vegas.

The booth at SEMA

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October 29th Photo Blog

The SEMA crunch is on at Fesler Built, as we make last minute preparations for the show! Check it out!

The SEMA F-150 is slowly finishing up, with the sound system, lights and dash nearly complete. This system from JL Audio promises to be one of the highlights of this vehicle.

Here’s a look at the progress of the sub enclosure.
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October 22nd Photo Blog

Things are getting crazy here at the shop as we get ready to leave for SEMA! Here’s what we’ve gotten done, as well.

The 2015 Mustang came back from paint with these crazy, orange stripes! We’ve nicknamed it the “Halloween Car.”

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October 15th Photo Blog

It’s been another busy week at Fesler Built, with a lot going on! Let’s dive right in!

The 1967 Mustang saw huge changes this week, with more completed body work and the introduction of the engine and transmission!

The custom corners, previously fiberglass, have been remade from hand-built steel in order to give the same visual effect while stepping up the quality of the build.

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October 8th Photo Blog

This week at Fesler Built has see some significant progress to one build, in particular. Read on to find out!

The 1967 Mustang is getting its scoops added to the sides via custom metalwork. Each one has been crafted and melded into the structure of the vehicle for a quality fit.

The holes in the body were filled in before the lower, ornamental scoops were added.

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