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How Many Speeds Do You Need? (Via Jalopnik)

How Many Speeds Do You Need?
Photo credit GM

One of the reasons I think there’s so much automatic hate among many car enthusiasts is that for so very long, automatics were abysmal, fun-killing three- and four-speed units. Now they’re fast-shifting, with fancy paddles, and offer lots of gears. But where does the insanity end?

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LS Swapped 1979 Camaro (via MotorTrend)

“With a modest budget in-hand we set off to find a suitable project car, and once we find the bonemaro in the California Desert, things start rolling. Watch Tony Angelo and Lucky Costa use all their knowledge and resources to pick the perfect low-buck engine program, with tons of money-saving tips and tweaks along the way.”



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Audi just won the Super Bowl ads before the game even happened (via World’s Hottest Motorsports)

What do you think, is this the best Super Bowl ad ever?


via Audi Just Won The Super Bowl Ads Before The Super Bowl Even Happened | World’s Hottest Motorsports.

Classic Cars Need Inspection Too (Via Jalopnik)


(Written by SteveLehto)

I often tell people that they need to get used cars inspected before they buy, since so many used cars are sold without warranties. However, many people don’t realize this advice extends to classic car purchases as well.

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Meet The Revolutionaries Trying To Make Racing Legal In Cuba

Meet The Revolutionaries Trying To Make Racing Legal In Cuba

Racing was banned in Cuba when Fidel Castro’s fighters took control of the country and the sport was labeled as elitist. More than half a century later a group of enthusiasts in race cars made from recycled ‘50s American iron are fighting to bring the sport back, as chronicled inHavana Motor Club: a new documentary we’ll be showing at the Jalopnik Film Festival on Saturday.

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